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WATCH: Marjorie Greene Claims Democrats Turn Kids Gay & Accuse You Of Sex Crimes If You Vote Republican

WATCH: Marjorie Greene Claims Democrats Turn Kids Gay & Accuse You Of Sex Crimes If You Vote Republican

Elon Musk has been accused of sexual misconduct, and Marjorie Taylor Greene is rushing to his defense. In fact, she’s warning anyone who has voted for Democrats that they’re at risk of similar allegations if they ever choose to switch parties.

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As recently reported, a flight attendant for SpaceX says that Elon Musk sexually assaulted her, then paid a quarter of a million dollars for her silence. The allegation was made public only recently, and Musk and his defenders claim that it was only released because he announced that he will be voting Republican in future elections.

The timing has alternately been interpreted to suggest that Musk knew the release was coming, and used his “dirty tricks campaign” tweet to get ahead of it.

However, Greene is on board, and fully invested in the notion that this is what happens to people who state publicly that they’ll support Republican candidates. In fact, according to her, people are rushing to the GOP because Democrats want to “turn your kids gay, and have transgender, and…kill babies in the womb.”

(By “kill babies in the womb,” we can safely assume she means abortion care. What “have transgender” means is open to interpretation.)

“If anyone who was a Democrat steps out of line because they’ve decided they can’t go along with the horrible, disgusting, and failing ways of the Democrats…they go I’m gonna try voting Republican because these people over here make sense. They like everybody, they think our Constitution is for everyone, they don’t wanna turn your kids gay and have transgender, and they don’t wanna kill babies in the womb, and they really want a thriving economy. They want everybody to have money and everybody to have a job, and we kinda care about the border. So people start voting Republican like Elon says he’s going to do and what happens? Oh boy. They come after you. They did it to President Trump.”

Notably, while this allegation against Musk is new, it’s not the first. His defenders will claim that he was never accused until he publicly declared his support for Republicans, but in fact, RadarOnline reported last year that Musk was facing a lawsuit from a woman who claimed Musk forced her to perform oral sex on him against her will.

A full year before that, he was denying reports connecting him to Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein, though New Indian Times reports that a photo went public of him together with the socialite who was recently found guilty for her role in Epstein’s child sex trafficking.

According to Forbes, his company Tesla has also been hit with a lawsuit by multiple women who allege that they faced sexual assault and that the company created “a workplace environment where it’s normal for women to be catcalled, ogled, touched inappropriately and propositioned,” and where supervisors and human resource staff fail to take action when incidents occur. This, too, was last year, before Musk began his Twitter takeover.

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