WATCH: Maria Bartiromo Wonders If Biden's Latest Job Report is 'Too Good'

For years, hosts on Fox have eagerly awaited the monthly jobs report so that they could attack Joe Biden and his economy. But now with Biden in the last year of his first term, they've rarely had the opportunity to do so. 

Maria Bartiromo is one of the most pro-Trump hosts on Fox, but she also works on the Fox Business network. On Friday she found an interesting way to throw cold water on Biden's latest accomplished. 

Former Trump economist Joe LaVorgna began the segment by noting:

"It looks really good right now, certainly better than consensus expectation. Better than a lot of other data might suggest, the PMIs, for example, purchasing manager surveys, suggest there should be weakening employment. So at least for March, things look good. Even if we look at the private sector, huge job growth, over 200,000, if you take out health care, still looking at private, around 150. It's a good number, no question."

Bartiromo jumped in, "Well it's a good number, but is it too good for rate cuts? The economy's on fire like this, and we've got 303,000 jobs in the month of March. Why cut interest rates?"

Joe Biden and his team might want to make sure they keep the clip of Bartiromo saying that the economy is on fire. It could be useful once the elections come around.