WATCH: Maria Bartiromo Explains To Ron DeSantis Why He Won't Be GOP Nominee

Many in the political sector felt that Ron DeSantis could really give Donald Trump a run for his money in the 2024 Republican nomination race. It hasn't worked out that way. DeSantis is rapidly fading in the polls, sometimes even coming up in 4th or 5th place. It seems like the more MAGA world gets to know the Florida Governor, the less they like him. 

Maria Bartiromo is one of the most sycophantic personalities on Fox. But even she had to lay out just how dire things are for DeSantis while speaking to him on Sunday morning. She asked, "Let’s face it, governor, Donald Trump is ahead of you by a significant margin. I think the last poll was 52 percent — above, right now, for Trump. How are you going to cut into Trump’s lead? What truly is your path to victory?"

DeSantis responded, "You show up, you make the case,” DeSantis said. “You don’t mail it in. You don’t go missing in action. You meet voters on the ground in the early states, Iowa, New Hampshire, in particular, and tell them about the future of the country and why you’re the best candidate."

The Florida Governor continued:

"The time for excuses is over. 2024 is make or break. We’re not getting a mulligan on this one. We either get the job done or we’re going to be in a hole in this country for the next generation."