WATCH: Maria Bartiromo Blows a Gasket Over GOP Helping Biden. “Democrats are Winning!”

This week, 19 Republicans crossed party lines to support Joe Biden’s new infrastructure bill. It was an easy choice for many of them. Infrastructure is popular with all voters and will create a large number of new jobs.

NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 28: (EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE) Maria Bartiromo hosts “Mornings with Maria” at Fox Business Network at FOX Studios on April 28, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)

That doesn’t please the hosts of Fox News, though. They want to see Joe Biden lose, even if it means it costs their viewers. Maria Bartiromo melted down over the bi-partisan bill, proclaiming, “democrats are winning!”

Bartiromo made the comments during an interview with Marsha Blackburn. The Tennessee senator claimed, “This administration is weak on every front. Whether it is the out-of-control spending or whether it is misplaced priorities, this is a weak president. It is an administration that is not focused. They are not prioritizing what the American people want to see.”

The Fox host jumped in, “You’re right! The list does go on. But, Senator, with all due respect, if they’re so weak, why are they beating you? OK? The bottom line is the Democrats are winning. And we are about to see a major Green New Deal thanks to your colleagues. Mitch McConnell the other day praised President Biden for doing bipartisan work!”

Bartiromo continued, “What’s going on with the Republicans? You’ve gotten nothing out of this, except to say, yeah, we worked with our colleagues on the left. But they don’t say that — we’ve worked with our colleagues on the right. They don’t care if you’re there or not! So if they are so weak, why are they beating you and your colleagues?”

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