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WATCH: Marco Rubio Describes Politics As “Crazy Vs. Normal” — But How He Defines ‘Crazy’ Stands Out

WATCH: Marco Rubio Describes Politics As “Crazy Vs. Normal” — But How He Defines ‘Crazy’ Stands Out

“That’s the dividing line in politics. It’s not even left versus right anymore. It’s crazy versus normal,” Marco Rubio says.

He’s not expressing an uncommon sentiment — with qanon adherents gathering because they expect to witness the return of John F. Kennedy Jr., and an elected official ranting about Jewish space lasers, it’s been said a lot, including by Republicans who want to distance themselves from conspiracy theories.

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However, Rubio was talking about something completely different — he was endorsing one of the currently-viral conspiracy theories himself.

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The current right-wing conspiracy theory is that k12 schools are secretly teaching kids Critical Race Theory — a college-level concept that discusses how race is handled in the legal system, how bias can be institutional, and how to best address racial injustice. There is a lot of conflation of this with Black history and all the parts of American history that aren’t exactly rosy — which conservatives have described in such loaded terms as “teaching kids to be ashamed of being white.”

In the clip above, Rubio leans into this, describing the “crazy” side of politics as being the lessons that kids were being taught in public schools, and endorsing the angry response of parents, who he says only learned what their kids were being taught when the pandemic forced them to engage with their children’s education.

Currently, Republicans are particularly angry over this topic because the U.S. Justice Department has issued a memo regarding actual threats of physical violence directed at school board members and school employees.

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