[Watch] Man With “Hitler-Like” Mustache Shoots Partygoer Who Stole His Nazi Flag

A Nazi sympathizer who wears who has a Hitler mustache has been arrested for trying to murder someone. He shot a  party-goer for stealing his NAZI flag. KFOR-TV reported that the victim was attending a party across from  Alexander John Feaster’s hose located in  Garfield County. Feaster has a NAZI flag on display at his home which has been stolen previously.

Woman shot multiple times after being dared to steal Nazi flag from front yard

A neighbor said of the incident, “It’s never really been a problem, his flags got stolen a couple of times when he first put them out but nothing ever came of it. This is the first time it’s ever come to violence. He’s been out mowing neighbors’ yards and just smiling and waving at everyone.” The neighbor did point out that at times Feaster would dawn all black with a red swastika armband and would display multiple NAZI flags.

The 26-year old female victim was partying at a neighbor’s house on Sunday when someone challenged her to get one of Feaster’s flags. Feaster allegedly shot at her while she ran away. Sherriff Jody Helm said, “On the way back someone hollered gun. She dropped the flag at the end of the driveway and shots were fired.” The woman was found with several gunshot wounds ina ditch. Feaster did not resist arrest. Helm said after her deputies got a search warrant, “We recovered the suspect’s rifle, and we got about 14 guns out of there and some ammunition.”

A neighbor said of Feaster, “Nobody really knows him. He keeps to himself.” Feaster remains in custody and has been charged with shooting with intent to kill and assault and battery with a deadly weapon.

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