[Watch] Man Gets Fired After He Refuses to Let a Hispanic Man Enter the Building He Lives In

A San Francisco man is looking for a new job after a racist encounter with a Hispanic man is caught on camera. The video shows William Beasley blocking Michael Barajas from entering the parking garage of his apartment building.

Barajas is a Berkely graduate and works as an educator for a biopharmaceutical company. A report by KGO-TV said that Barajas opened the garage door with his remote key only to have Beasley pull in front of him and block his way. Barajas told KGO-TV, “His immediate reaction was, ‘Hey, you f*cking criminal, you’re not coming in here.’” Barajas said that he believes his tattoos and the fact he was wearing all black made Beasley think he was a threat.

Beasley can be heard in the video saying, “You don’t have a right to come in here!” Beasley demands to see Barajas’ key and the confrontation escalates from there until bystanders get involved. One man shouts at Beasley,  “Dude, pull into your space and go!”

According to Barajas, the incident lasted for 20 minutes and included Beasley threatening to shoot him and shoving a bystander. Beasley screams, “You don’t touch my car bro! I’m protecting my f*cking place!”

SOMA Residences says that they are trying to resolve the dispute and Beasley was fired by APEX Systems where he had a tech job. Beasley engaged with a photographer from the news station and claimed that the incident could have been avoided if Barajas would have used his key. Barajas claims that he did use his key. Beasley claims his behavior was in no way meant to be racist. Beasley told the photographer, “Completely not true, why are you attacking me?”

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