WATCH: Maine's GOP Sec. of State Calls out Clarence and Ginni Thomas

This week, the state of Maine removed Donald Trump from the GOP primary ballot. Maine became the second state, after Colorado, to remove the former President from a ballot. The difference is, that Maine's Secretary of State, who is leading the charge, is also a Republican. 

Thomas Saviello appeared on CNN Friday morning to discuss the removal of Trump. And when the question came up about the decision eventually going to the Supreme Court, the Republican called for Clarence Thomas to recuse himself. 

CNN host Erika Hill asked Saviello, "When you look at this, given the makeup of the Supreme Court, what is your gut on what could happen?"

The Secretary of State responded, "You know, that's a really good question. I think Justice Thomas needs to recuse himself and one of the justices [Justice Neil Gorsuch] made a similar finding in another court case that was before him before. So, does he change that decision? I think it's going to be very interesting in front of the Supreme Court."

When Hill pressed the Maine Secretary of State on Thomas, he continued, "Justice Thomas? Yes. I think all the stuff that's come out about him, and his wife on January 6th, he needs to recuse himself."

Of course, Thomas should recuse himself from the case. But there is no indication that he will do so. Chief Justice John Roberts has shown that he has no interest in getting to the bottom of Thomas' actions and that is unlikely to change.