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WATCH: Maher Says Biden is Embarrassing, but Superior to Trump

WATCH: Maher Says Biden is Embarrassing, but Superior to Trump

With so many competitors in the Democratic nomination race, there has been a lot of talk about each candidates flaws. The common complaint against current front-runner, Joe Biden, is that he is just too old to become President. Biden will turn 77 on November 2oth and if he wins the election will be in the White House during his 80’s.

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On the Friday episode of his show, Real Time, Bill Maher addressed the age of Biden and how it compares to the current President. According to Maher, Biden may be somewhat embarrassing, but it a significantly better candidate than Trump.

Maher first highlighted the lack of Republican response to Trump’s relationship with strongmen like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un. The host said this is, “what Trump Derangement Syndrome really is: pretending that all of this is perfectly acceptable behavior for an American president and defending the indefensible.”

The host then argued how far beyond the pale Biden would have to be to reach the current state of Trump.
“That guy would not be nearly broken and crazy enough to teach the Republicans the lesson they need to learn,” said Maher. “For this, I need Joe Biden to be full-on, forgot-to-wear-pants, crumbs-in-the-hair, screaming-at-the-toaster nuts!”

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Maher closed the segment by claiming that Republicans would have nothing to say regardless of what Biden does. Painting quite a ridiculous situation, the pundit said, “And after he plows the presidential limousine through a farmer’s market, I’ll say, ‘Why so upset, Republicans? That’s just Biden being Biden.”

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