WATCH: Maher Mocks Republicans Over Joe Biden Cocaine Claims

Joe Biden and Donald Trump will participate in a debate next week, and Conservative media wants to prepare voters for the possibility that Trump will lose in the debate. That loss will go against the message they've pushed that Biden if feeble-minded. 

In an attempt to cover for why Trump will lose, right-wing anchors are pushing the idea that the current President will use drugs to enhance his performance. Bill Maher discussed these rumors on Friday night, while mocking the GOP. 

The host began, "Republicans believe he will be very virile because he’s on drugs. I got to say this about the Republicans. When they get a new talking point, I don’t know if they meet in a secret underground lair, but when the memo goes out, they all get on the same page."

Maher continued, "And the new page is that Biden, yes, we all say he’s feeble most of the time, but when he’s not, when he’s actually not being feeble, it’s because he’s on drugs."

The host then listed "proof" of Biden's drug use, saying: 

"The White House gift shop now sells a tiny spoon with the presidential seal.

He expanded Obamacare to cover nosebleeds.

He wants to move the debate to Miami.

Now he’s asking Hunter to introduce him to his friends.

Lately when he sniffs women’s hair, he’s been using a straw.

He named a post office after Marion Barry.

And his secret service codename is Andy Dick, I mean, come on.

He’s been referring to the DEA as that bunch of fucking narcs.

Lately, he stays up to the crack of dusk.

And he keeps babbling about how he wants to spend more time working on his music."