WATCH: Maggie Haberman Gives Inside Details on Trump's Debate Preparation

The debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is fast approaching and it looks like Team Trump is really worried. The former President's campaign team is preparing voters for the worst, already spreading rumors that Biden will be 'jacked up' on drugs for the event, allowing him to easily defeat Trump. 

The real issue is that Trump is more unhinged than ever and will most likely ramble nonsense in front of the millions watching. New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman broke down Trump's debate prep on CNN Wednesday night. 

One issue is how Trump has talked about the January 6th insurrectionists. She explained

"On that one, what they are hoping he is going to say – and again, who knows what he’ll actually say – but what they’re hoping he’s going to say is, some version of, ‘It depends on the case.’ He has left it much broader in the past and said he’ll likely pardon people again across the board. [I] think that they’re gonna try to have him point to specifics, including people who were arrested where they were not that close to the building."

Haberman also noted that Trump knows he performed poorly during the 2020 debate, "Look, Trump doesn’t like prep. He considers it school. So, the fact that they’ve gotten him to do it this way is actually pretty revealing and also speaks to the fact that I think he knows that this has to go well for him. He has said to people multiple times that he knows that he interrupted too much in the first debate with Biden in 2020."