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WATCH: MAGA Podcaster Declares Raising A Rapist’s Child The Cure For Trauma

WATCH: MAGA Podcaster Declares Raising A Rapist’s Child The Cure For Trauma

Jeremy Herrell is a podcaster, commentator, and singer, engaging the MAGA agenda to hawk products and content. Now, he’s giving advice to traumatized victims of rape.

[Screenshot via RightWingWatch]

As the national conversation centers around the right not to carry a pregnancy to term, Herrell is, unfortunately, one of the many right-wing voices who’ve decided to weigh in publicly, despite the fact that this presumably isn’t a decision he’ll ever face himself — as he even admits.

Still, perhaps knowing he’ll never face the gut-wrenching decision of what to do with an unwanted pregnancy, or a life-threatening one, makes it easier to have all the answers. Too bad the ‘solution’ he comes up with, as he makes an appearance on Real America’s Voice, is to suggest that the way to “cope with trauma” is to go ahead and gestate, birth, and raise a rapist’s baby.

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“God put the blessing of that child there for a reason. You might not know what that reason is, and no I’m not a woman and I can’t tell you how to feel if that happens to you, but what I can tell you is…two wrongs don’t make a right. And especially when you’re dealing with a blessing from God. That child is there for a reason. Give that child an opportunity to explain that reason.”

We can probably feel very confident in saying that any child psychologist would ask the parent of a child conceived by rape not to expect that child to explain his existence. Maybe Herrell should stick to rapping about border walls.

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