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WATCH: MAGA Life Coach Brenden Dilley Describes Donald Trump: “Beefcake, God-Tier Genetics”

WATCH: MAGA Life Coach Brenden Dilley Describes Donald Trump: “Beefcake, God-Tier Genetics”

Donald Trump is beefcake, says MAGA life coach

MAGA life coach Brenden Dilley took time out of his YouTube show Wednesday to heap praise on the president. Donald Trump, he says, is “beefcake,” has a 160 IQ, and is a “golden-haired Adonis” with “phenomenal genetics.”

Donald Trump is beefcake, says MAGA life coach
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Brenden Dilley’s Wednesday episode was devoted to “treason, sedition, [and] treasonous sedition” — which is to say, he talked about the allegations Donald Trump has leveled, without evidence, at Federal law enforcement, including former FBI director James Comey, President Barack Obama, and of course Hillary Clinton, among others. (He’s even selling a deck of “Spygate” playing cards with all their faces, in a box labeled “The coup to bring down the president.”

However, in the midst of this, he took out time to explain that he feels “the left” just doesn’t understand science — because if they did, they’d have to recognize Donald Trump as having superior genes.

His genetics are better than yours. Most of you guys [liberals] look like gargoyles that came out of some post-apocalyptic f***ing radioactive fallout movie, and your president — the golden-haired f***ing Adonis that he is — stands a healthy 6 foot 3, 230lb. Beefcake, smart as shit, 160 IQ. Worth billions of dollars, with a supermodel wife that’s 30 years his f***ing junior, and gorgeous children.

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He’s off on a few details here, to say the least. ABC News reported Donald Trump’s official weight, released by the White House physician Sean Conley, is 244lb. This puts him in a weight range that was a concern for doctors when he was diagnosed with COVID-19. Trump’s IQ score? There has never been one publicly released, if he has ever taken an IQ test at all. CBS reported in 2017 that MENSA had offered to administer one, but for whatever reason, it never happened. Trump’s net worth? Recently released tax docs suggest he’s more than $400 million in debt, and some estimates place him at more than a billion dollars in debt — which is definitely not the same thing as being worth billions.

Brendan Dilley says Trump boys are gorgeous
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Dilley then (without ever mentioning Ivanka or Tiffany Trump) lists off purported heights for each of Donald Trump’s sons, apparently as evidence of their beauty, including labeling Barron Trump as “like 7 feet tall,” before lashing out again at the invisible liberals he’s addressing. “Yeah, you dumba**es, that’s called god-tier genetics! Phenomenal f***ing genetics!”

Trump himself has quite recently been called out for shouting about a mostly-white crowd having good genes — something that always carries echoes of Nazi propaganda.

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