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[WATCH] ‘MAGA In Sheep’s Clothing’: Youngkin Tries to Shed Trump Ties During Final Days of Campaign As Lincoln Project Trolls Him

[WATCH] ‘MAGA In Sheep’s Clothing’: Youngkin Tries to Shed Trump Ties During Final Days of Campaign As Lincoln Project Trolls Him

The Lincoln Project staged a photo op at a tour stop event for Glenn Youngkin, the GOP candidate running against Democrat Terry McAuliffe for Governor of Virginia, and it’s set off a firestorm within the MAGA movement, because the truth always hurts them. Five young men dressed like the marchers from Charlottesville who chanted “Jews will not replace us” while carrying torches and making Nazi salutes. The Lincoln Project released a statement claiming responsibility and explaining the reminder was necessary in the waning days of Youngkin’s campaign, which reads in part:

“Today’s demonstration was our way of reminding Virginians what happened in Charlottesville four years ago, the Republican Party’s embrace of those values, and Glenn Youngkin’s failure to condemn it.

“The Youngkin campaign is enraged by our reminder of Charlottesville for one simple reason: Glenn Youngkin wants Virginians to forget that he is Donald Trump’s candidate.

“We will continue to hold Glenn Youngkin accountable. If he will denounce Trump’s assertion that the Charlottesville rioters possessed ‘very fine’ qualities, we’ll withdraw the tiki torches. Until then, we’ll be back.”

The group is just one making an effort to make sure everyone knows that Youngkin is Trump’s pick, despite the candidate doing all he can to distance himself from the Former Guy. Youngkin even managed to make that point literally, as Trump agreed to stay away in person and appear via “tele-rally” instead.

McAuliffe hit 49% among likely voters polled while Youngkin was close behind at 48%, well within the poll’s margin of error of four percentage points. But Democrats have taken the lead in early voting ahead of Virginia’s Election Day on November 2nd. At least 858,473 Virginians have already submitted ballots, according to data from Democratic data firm TargetSmart. The state’s voters have until Saturday to vote early. Roughly 54% of those voters so far are likely Democrats, while 30.7% are likely Republicans, according to TargetSmart. About 15% of early voters are unaffiliated, the TargetSmart data found.

Despite Democrats’ early lead, plus endorsements from former President Barack Obama and President Joe Biden, experts say Republicans could still outperform them on Election Day and close the gap. But Republicans are less likely to vote early in the wake of the 2020 presidential election when former Donald Trump slammed mail-in voting and falsely associated it with voter fraud. More recently, Trump fumed that Republicans shouldn’t vote at all in 2022 or 2024.

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Ari Melber devoted a segment of “The Beat” on Thursday to the unexpected challenges McAuliffe is facing from Youngkin in keeping Virginia a Blue state, while Youngkin tries to keep the Trump taint off of him long enough to live through next week. Watch the breakdown, below.

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