WATCH: MAGA Crowd Told White House Expects ‘Something Good’ Before Jan. 6 Attack

A conservative ‘influencer’ told a crowd of Trump supporters, the night before the January 6th attack on the Capitol, that the White House expected “something good” the next day, and that Congress “should be afraid of us.”

Rogan O'Handley preps MAGA for attack
[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

Rogan O’Handley goes by the stage name of ‘DC Draino.’ You can see him in the image above at a July 2018 Trump event. In the clip below, O’Handley is speaking to a crowd of Trump supporters on the evening of January 5th, hinting that he knows something about events that could occur the next day, and suggesting that Congress should “be afraid” and that the MAGA crowd being angry in close proximity to Congress could be a concern.

Are you gonna let them steal this election? It may be 40 degrees out here but it sure feels like 1776. I was just at the White House. I can’t tell you who I was meeting with but they’re optimistic. They think something good is gonna happen tomorrow. All I’ve got to say is, it d*** well better happen because I don’t want to see these patriots more p***ed off than they already are, in D.C., right next to Congress! They’re afraid of some of these donors…why are you afraid of them, when you should be afraid of us! We are not going anywhere, no matter what happens! If you want to see what patriots do when they get in an uprising, then vote to certify the fraud tomorrow, but we’re paying damned close attention to who votes what tomorrow.

During and after the attack, O’Handley tweeted to alternately claim that it wasn’t really Trump supporters, but antifa, and to suggest that the whole thing was a ‘setup,’ citing video clips of police letting the Trump supporters (who O’Handley also identifies as Trump supporters) in.

Notably, many of the individuals in the photos O’Handley shared have been identified and charged, and are Trump supporters who believe the president invited them to carry out this attack.

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