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WATCH: Madison Cawthorn Says Republican Party Looks Too Much Like His Dad, Needs To Embrace Young People

WATCH: Madison Cawthorn Says Republican Party Looks Too Much Like His Dad, Needs To Embrace Young People

By its own platform, the Republican Party is focused on more ‘traditional’ views and values, those that members consider to be the values and views on which America was founded. Of course, more than two centuries later, the nation has rejected or been forced to grow past some of those ‘traditions,’ but Madison Cawthorn says that it’s time for the GOP to embrace a more modern view in some ways.

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America has gradually progressed towards views that treat women, people of color, LGBTQ individuals, and people with disabilities more equally, but Cawthorn, who has decried “wokeness” and spoken against the teaching of “CRT” (which he and other Republicans conflate with any teaching about the history of racism in America). He’s attacked LGBTQ rights, falsely claiming, as 19thNews reports, that advocates want to perform gender affirmation surgeries on kids as young as twelve, a lie that’s popular for demonizing the transgender community and supporters, and according to the Independent, once told a crowd that “the left” is trying to “de-masculate” boys and that they should raise their sons to be “monsters” in order to counter this.

All in all, it’s safe to say Cawthorn isn’t pushing the Republican Party to be more inclusive or embrace more modern views in any typical sense.

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At the same time, as seen in the clip above, he is concerned that “they all look way too much like my father.” He wants the party to “start going out and engaging the next generation” and to “break the mold of what it means to be a Republican” — although the only specific thing he can name is “young people with tattoos who are working for a living.”

What he may not realize is that with every generation, some of these views shift a little more, until embracing a new generation will almost inherently mean giving up some of the anti-LGBTQ bigotry, accepting that anti-racism is a part of a valid and complete education, and recognizing gender roles and sexism and increasingly archaic.

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