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WATCH: Madison Cawthorn Says He & Others Were Armed During Capitol Riot

WATCH: Madison Cawthorn Says He & Others Were Armed During Capitol Riot

After the attack on the Capitol, there were reports that several Republican members of Congress were armed. Now a resurfaced clip from a broadcast that day seems to confirm it, although it is not legal to carry them on Capitol Hill. This reminder of Cawthorn’s open admission of guilt reverberates around his recent controversies, including other alleged displays of lawlessness.

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In the past week, Cawthorn’s flouting of the law has made headlines again, as he was charged with driving with a revoked license, for a second time. This follows other incidents over the first year of his term in Congress, in which he’s been accused of bringing a weapon onto school grounds, and according to the Citizen-Times, attempting to board an airplane with a firearm.

While the traffic charge is a far cry from the alleged weapons violations, it’s a reminder that Cawthorn is an elected legislator whose public example doesn’t seem to include much respect for the law, and with that in mind, a video clip from Charlie Kirk’s call-in show has resurfaced, in which the North Carolina Republican, while Trump supporters carried out their attack on Congress, called the show and boasted that he and others around him were all armed, and that his wheelchair makes it possible for him to carry and conceal multiple weapons.

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“I’m safe. As you know I believe in the Second Amendment as well as a lot of other members, so we are armed. We are in a safe location. I can’t disclose where…you know obviously having the wheelchair I am able to carry many, multiple weapons at one time. So you know, everyone around me is armed…”

Only days before the attack on Congress, 83 House Members, all Republicans, signed a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, citing previous attacks on the building and demanding the right to carry their weapons throughout the Capitol Complex — timing that has fueled speculation regarding what they might have known about the attack that would take place less than a week later.

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