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WATCH: Maddow Says Impeachment Disguising Story of NRA’s Collapse

WATCH: Maddow Says Impeachment Disguising Story of NRA’s Collapse

Regardless of what cable news source one chooses these days, much of the programming is dedicated to the story of Donald Trump’s impeachment. And while the impeachment of the President is obviously major, other things are going on in politics as well.

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The NRA has had a tumultuous year filled with lawsuits and challenges for leadership. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow said on a recent broadcast that if it wasn’t for impeachment, the collapse of the NRA would be the biggest story in politics.

The MSNBC pundit began the segment by saying, “We have watched this conservative political behemoth, with really no equal in conservative politics, we have watched it collapse at breathtaking speed.”

Maddow then compared the NRA’s legal status to that of Donald Trump’s charity. She continued, “The NRA appears to be very worried about a ever-widening investigation by the attorney general of the state of New York. New York’s Attorney General Letitia James subpoenaed more than 90 current and former member of the NRA’s board … If the NRA’s behavior has been bad enough New York could conceivably revoke its non-profit status and shut it down which is what the state of New York just did with Donald Trump’s charitable foundation this year.”

The broadcaster concluded, “This would be like a show stopping deal at any other time. The once fearsome NRA, the most powerful entity in conservative Politics, I mean they’re in free fall. Any other time in any other news environment the media would be watching that slow motion car crash endlessly.”

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Watch a clip of the segment here courtesy of MSNBC:


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