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WATCH: Lou Dobbs Wonder Why Fox News is Pushing a Lie About Trump

WATCH: Lou Dobbs Wonder Why Fox News is Pushing a Lie About Trump

When Jennifer Griffin confirmed Jeffrey Goldberg’s article about Trump and the military, it threw Fox News into quite a tizzy. Colleagues like Bret Baier and Trey Yingst defended the journalist as one of the finest reporters on the network. Meanwhile, Jeanine Pirro essentially accused her of lying.

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It wasn’t surprising to see which side of the aisle Trump sycophant Lou Dobbs landed on. On Tuesday, the host blasted all the reporters who confirmed the story including the one who works for the same network he does.

Dobbs began, “The Associated Press claims to have corroborated the story in its entirety, but then didn’t have any evidence to corroborate it — not a single, single named source. And the Washington Post, CNN, even Fox News claimed to have corroborated parts of the report, despite every news organization having not a single named source, nor any evidence whatsoever.”

The enraged Fox host continued:

“By pushing the lie that President Trump said something disparaging of our military, the left-wing national media has given the Biden campaign a chance to gloss over the fact that Biden enthusiastically supported the Iraq war, something president trump outright opposed and that most Americans now see as a terrible mistake. President Trump’s actions and demonstration of respect for the military speak for themselves… Shame on the left. Shame on the radical Dems. And shame on the fake news and fake journalists who manufacture it.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News and Media Matters:

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