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WATCH: Lou Dobbs: Why Aren’t Black Churches and Leaders Ending Protests?

WATCH: Lou Dobbs: Why Aren’t Black Churches and Leaders Ending Protests?

The Minneapolis, Minnesota protests have continued each night since the death of George Floyd in police custody. Donald Trump recently said that if the rallies aren’t brought under control soon, he will be sending in the National Guard.

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Fox News has dedicated large pieces of air time to coverage of the riots, while not really talking about the reason behind them. Lou Dobbs recently lashed out not only at the protesters, but the black community on a whole, calling on church leaders to end the demonstrations.

The Fox host remarked, “You have to wonder where are the leaders of the community? Where have they been during city council meetings? Where have they been trying to counsel this inexperienced and untested mayor who is facile and unwilling to stand up like a man and take responsibility in a moment of great sorrow and pain for his community?”

Dobbs continued, “To see this kind of ignorance unleashed on the streets of Minneapolis because a mayor doesn’t have guts, because the city council isn’t engaged, because the community there isn’t engaged with the city council, obviously.”

The Conservative then looked for traditionally Liberal figures to blame for the protests, “They had the ability to control their lives with those local power centers, and I don’t know where the Black churches are are, I don’t know where the Black teachers and leaders are. It is such a failure of community and local government that it’s just pathetic.”

Watch a clip of the comments below, courtesy of Fox News:


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