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WATCH: Lou Dobbs Begs Barr and Trump to Help Poor Roger Stone

WATCH: Lou Dobbs Begs Barr and Trump to Help Poor Roger Stone

After years of trials and deliberations, Roger Stone is close to serving out his 40 month prison sentence. Earlier this week, the former Trump adviser was granted two extra weeks to report to prison, but the sentence remains.

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Stone recently appeared on Trump-friendly Lou Dobbs Fox News show. The two men spent much of the interview pleading with the President and Attorney General William Barr to help Stone out.

Dobbs began by saying of Stone’s plight, “This is Soviet-era justice. it’s Soviet-style justice. … I’m just stunned that Barr will not intervene. What in the hell is this? This country has turned into something that’s unrecognizable for those of us who believe in the American way.”

Stone then had his chance to plead his case to Trump or Barr, assuming both were watching. “First of all, I’m just grateful the Justice Department has not opposed my motion, based on humanitarian reasons and because of concerns regarding my health, to delay my incarceration. But this decision’s not up to the Justice Department, it’s up to Judge Jackson, and we await her ruling.”

The former Trump adviser continued, “I want to be free to make sure Donald Trump is reelected, and I want to live to see my appeal which as of today will not be possible.”

Dobbs closed the segment, “Frankly, I think that the whole thing should be thrown out. I hope the president just intervenes and ends your agony and that of your family and sets justice right. … We will be praying for, as always the president and this country. I hope that the right thing is done here.”

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Watch a clip of the interview below, courtesy of Fox News:

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