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WATCH: Longtime GOP Strategist Rick Tyler Says Republicans Will Get “Wiped Out” in November

WATCH: Longtime GOP Strategist Rick Tyler Says Republicans Will Get “Wiped Out” in November

Rick Tyler has been working as a strategist for GOP candidates for decades. He acted as the Chief of Staff for New Gingrich and was a member of Ted Cruz’s 2016 campaign. Following Trump’s win, he has served as a regular commentator for MSNBC.

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The politicial pundit has a special understanding of Donald Trump and what he has done to his party.Tyler appeared on MSNBC on Sunday to discuss November’s upcoming election. The former GOP strategist predicted that the Republicans would get wiped out this fall.

Tyler began by saying that he voted for Biden. He told host Ali Velshi:

“For the first time in my life, I drew a Democratic ballot and voted in the Democratic primary, and I voted for Joe Biden. I was somewhat reluctant to watch his speech, because I was afraid I would lose my resolve. But for 24 minutes, I imagined a world without Donald Trump and I thought, on balance, overall, it was an excellent speech, and I could support Joe Biden.”

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The commentator then predicted, “I think the party’s going to suffer a ’74 Watergate wipeout. I think that’s necessary. I think the Republican Party has to reject Trumpism and everything that he has embraced. It’s going to take a long time … to recover and regain its conservative philosophy, or any philosophy at all for that matter.”

Tyler concluded, “he Democrats can do their part by showing how to become a governing majority. If they go too far to the left, they will be rejected again and we’ll be in that constant battle.”

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