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WATCH: Liz Cheney Spills On January 6th, Kevin McCarthy, Trump Cult, & More In New Interview

WATCH: Liz Cheney Spills On January 6th, Kevin McCarthy, Trump Cult, & More In New Interview

The Republican Party, Liz Cheney says, should not be a cult of personality. Nor should Kevin McCarthy be lying and embracing the most anti-semetic and white supremacist segments of the party, or covering for the roles of Donald Trump and others in the January 6th attacks.

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Unfortunately, she says, all those things are the current state of reality in her party, and she’s concerned about the dangers to American democracy. She also says that she — having seen all the evidence the January 6th Committee has gathered — says there was a clear conspiracy, “broad and multi-pronged.”

She spoke in a CBS interview Sunday morning with Robert Costa. You can see approximately 8 minutes of exceprts from that interview below.

There are several key takeaways from Cheney’s interview.

First and foremost, she’s confident that the information the January 6th Committee has gathered is sufficient to, in Costa’s words, “grab people by the lapels” and make them aware of just how bad things were, and how bad it could have been. Furthermore, she believes the danger is ongoing, and has no doubts about the primary cause.

“We are not in a situation where former president Trump has expressed any sense of remorse about what happened. We are in fact a situation where he continues to use even more extreme language, frankly, than the language that caused the attack.”

She also believes that Kevin McCarthy’s motivation and drive to be Speaker of the House has overshadowed his duty to stand up for America.

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“He is embracing those in our party who are anti-semitic. He is embracing those in our party who are white nationalists. He’s lying about what happened on January 6th, and he’s turned his back on the constitution.”

She also says that segments of her party have become a cult of personality, devoted to Donald Trump, rather than to party, country, or principle.

“We have too many people now in the republican party who are not taking their responsibility seriously and who have pledged their allegiance and loyalty to Donald Trump. I mean it is fundamentally antithetical it is contrary to everything conservatives believe to embrace a personality cult and yet that is what so many in my party are doing today.”

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