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WATCH LIVE: Marjorie Taylor Greene To Testify Under Oath In Insurrection Ballot Challenge

WATCH LIVE: Marjorie Taylor Greene To Testify Under Oath In Insurrection Ballot Challenge

Marjorie Taylor Greene is facing a challenge to her eligibility for office, after voters argue she supported an attack on the United States and should be permitted to run. However, the possibility of being knocked off the ballot may not be the biggest risk, as Greene must now testify under oath in response to the challenge.

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While the January 6th Committee has interviewed many people close to both Donald Trump and the attack on Congress, Greene is potentially the first Member of Congress to face questioning before a judge. Of course, at this point she’s not facing any charges, but if she discloses anything incriminating under oath, it could be brought up again by the January 6th Committee and/or the Department of Justice.

You can watch the entire hearing live, courtesy of MeidasTouch, below.

Greene has already made it clear she’s not happy about being made to respond under oath. However, the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution forbids anyone to hold office after supporting rebellion or insurrection against the nation’s government, and Friday’s hearing will determine whether her participation in efforts to prevent the 2020 election from being confirmed, and her support of defendants accused of carrying out the attack on the Capitol, places her firmly in that category.

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If the challenge is successful, she’s not the only candidate who could be kicked off the ballot. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) is facing a similar challenge, and if these are successful, there is speculation about whether the same could disqualify Donald Trump from another run as well.

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