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WATCH: Lindsey Graham Wonders if Clueless Joe Biden Will Get Sworn In

WATCH: Lindsey Graham Wonders if Clueless Joe Biden Will Get Sworn In

Joe Biden and Lindsey Graham worked together in the senate for a number of years. Not only did they work together, they were also close friends. Years ago, Graham said that Biden was as good a man as anyone could ever hope to meet.

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But after the death of John McCain, the South Carolina senator decided to go all in on his support of Trump. When asked about Graham’s turn, Biden called it disappointing. During a recent Fox interview, Graham hit back. He called his former friend clueless and wondered if he would even be inaugurated.

The hosts of Fox and Friends asked Graham about Biden’s comments. He responded:

“What happened here is that Hunter Biden took advantage of his position of being the vice president’s son. I’m disappointed that Joe Biden let this happen. He obviously is pretty much clueless. He says he didn’t know that Hunter Biden was on Burisma’s board, the most corrupt gas company in the Ukraine when Joe Biden was in charge of dealing with corruption. He has a lot to answer for. It’s not personal. It breaks my heart that this happened.”

The South Carolina senator is also holding out hope that Trump is successful in his election coup. At one time during the interview, he said, “Before the next administration comes in, if President Trump falls short.” Graham also remarked, “President Biden, if he gets to be president.”

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