WATCH: Lindsey Graham Thinks Trump Will Get Immunity on Some But Not All Charges

Donald Trump faces severe legal issues in several areas of the country. At the same time, the US's radical Supreme Court is decided on whether or not his stint as President offers him immunity. 

On Sunday, Lindsey Graham appeared on CNN's State of the Union to discuss the Republican presidential candidate and his various issues. The South Carolina senator believes that the Supreme Court will kick the case down to lower courts, offering Trump protection in some, but not all of his cases. 

Graham told Dana Bash:

"Well, I think the court’s gonna find that presidential immunity exists for President Trump like every other president, but you got to be within the scope of being president. I think they’ll send it back to the lower courts to find out exactly what actions fall within presidential immunity and what are considered personal. I think that’s the way this will end — there will be some immunity for some of the actions."'

The South Carolina senator continued, "There’s no absolute immunity in the Constitution. It will be a legal analysis, you know; the president needs to be protected. You know, we don’t become a banana republic here. We prosecute, you know, our political opponents, which is going on really in many jurisdictions. But I think the immunity question will be decided partially for Trump and some legal, some factual analysis as to when and where it applies."