WATCH: Lindsey Graham Says There’s a Difference Between John Lewis’ Activism and Black Lives Matter

John Lewis was, perhaps, the most beloved and respected lawmaker in the country. His colleagues, regardless of whether they were Democrats or Republicans were quick to pay tribute to him upon his death. Well, Donald Trump took his time, but he did finally send a tweet.

Gage Skidmore

Lindsey Graham went of Fox News last night to talk about the legacy of the Georgia congressman. During the segment he attempted to separate Lewis’ revered activism and the current activism of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The South Carolina senator made the comments while speaking with controversial host Jeanine Pirro. “John was known for causing, ‘good trouble,'” said Graham. “That’s what he described the civil rights movement — ‘good trouble.’ Peaceful protest, being hit in the head for a worthy cause. That’s different than what you see playing out in the streets of the United States.”

The Trump sycophant continued, “I think John Lewis loved America, he wanted to make it better. What you see happening today here is people who hate America and want to change it. Big difference, but he will be missed.”

Lewis, however, was also a significant supporter of Black Lives Matter. Just last week, the Georgia congressman visited the Black Lives Matter street in Washington DC.

Watch a clip of Graham’s comments below:

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