WATCH: Lindsey Graham Says If Trump Will ‘Chill Out’ His Approval Will Rise

Donald Trump has lost the presidency, and he’s continuing to face repercussions for his actions in office. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) believes he has the answer, though — if the former president can just “chill out,” Graham believes he will see rising approval numbers and perhaps reopen some opportunities.

[Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images]

Ina Fox News segment below, Graham is discussing the persecution of Donald Trump that right-wing politicians and ideologues still claim occurred, and has some advice for Trump. “If he’ll chill out, play golf, and get involved constructively with the Republican party, by June of 2021 his numbers are gonna be up all over the place.”

Trump’s exit from the White House, and his behavior in the months before, didn’t exactly boost his popularity. Two weeks before President Joe Biden was sworn in, Trump poured violent and angry rhetoric over a volatile crowd that then invaded the U.S. Capitol building. Before that, he spent months attacking the institution of U.S. elections.

Now, he’s facing an impeachment trial early next month, has struggled to find legal representation for the same, his properties are losing value, and he’s even lost all his social media accounts.

With a partisan divide on impeachment conviction, it’s likely that the trial next month will end in Trump’s favor. However, he’s also still facing lawsuits stemming from sexual assault allegations, and possible charges over financial allegations in the Southern District of New York.

“Chilling out” won’t make any of this go away. As for Trump’s businesses, he’s reportedly losing business at Mar-A-Lago already, and his name on a building no longer appears to hold the financial pull it once did.

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