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WATCH: Lindsey Graham Reveals Why He Owns An AR-15

WATCH: Lindsey Graham Reveals Why He Owns An AR-15

Lindsey Graham, just back from his excellent adventure tour of the U.S.-Mexico border with Ted Cruz and several other Republican senators, is so concerned that violent roving gangs will descend on his neighborhood after a natural disaster that he has a semi-automatic AR-15 rifle for protection.

Appearing on Fox News Sunday, the South Carolina Republican was asked by host Chris Wallace about calls by President Joe Biden and other Democrats to enact gun control legislation in the wake of the two mass shootings in the past two weeks in Georgia and Colorado. Wallace posed the question: “What’s wrong with a serious debate about, after all of these shootings, assault weapons and especially about large-capacity magazines, which a lot of studies show contribute to these mass killings?”

“There’s nothing wrong with debate,” Graham said, “and I would challenge Senator Schumer to bring the assault weapons ban to the floor of the United States Senate. It won’t get 50 votes, much less 60.”

Graham then disclosed that he owns what appears to be the weapon of choice among American white males. “I own an AR-15,” he continued. “If there’s a natural disaster in South Carolina where the cops can’t protect my neighborhood, my house will be the last one that the gang will come to because I can defend myself. You don’t have to have an AR-15 but if you have one lawfully, I think you should be allowed to keep it.”

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Graham then went on to say that any new gun control legislation, such as enhanced background checks, should address mental health issues of potential buyers.

You can watch the interview below, courtesy of Fox News.

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