WATCH: Lindsey Graham Lets Slip The Reason Republicans Are So Obsessed With Wuhan Lab

Republicans keep pushing the narrative of a Wuhan lab leak as the cause of COVID-19. Though scientists have an interest in this theory, ultimately the cause wasn’t the first focus for pandemic response. Now Lindsey Graham has let slip exactly why Trump fans are obsessed with the idea.

[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

Trump’s biggest supporters keep pushing the narrative that COVID-19 can be traced to a lab leak, often with the conspiracy theory that it was intended as a biological weapon, or a vague suggestion that Dr. Anthony Fauci was somehow culpable due to U.S. funding of research. While Donald Trump was in office, he helped amplify the conspiracy aspects of the pandemic. Now that he’s out, his sycophants are the ones amplifying the Wuhan story.

Graham makes one thing clear: in his mind, if the Wuhan lab theory pans out, at least one story Trump pushed will have turned out to have more merit than he was given credit for, and that will improve the image of his pandemic response.

However, it won’t change that he admitted on tape he was downplaying the severity of pandemic, or that his pandemic response team delayed action when they realized the virus with hitting blue states hardest.

The Wuhan lab theory is under investigation, CNN reports, after the news that several lab employees were ill in November 2019, although it’s not yet clear if they were sick with COVID-19. If it turns out to have merit, it won’t change that the then-president suggested that injecting cleaning fluids could treat COVID-19, heldrallies with no social distancing, and helped encourage anti-maskers.

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