WATCH: Lindsey Graham is Not Happy When Asked About Trump's Relationship With Viktor Orban

At this point, there is no major Republican who is more loyal to Donald Trump than South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. At once considered to be a moderate lawmaker who could work on both sides of the aisle, the Republican is now a shell of his former self thanks to Donald Trump. 

One of Trump's worst characteristics is the way that he praises some of the most brutal dictators in the world, Hungary's Viktor Orban among them. Kristen Welker from NBC irritated Graham by asking about some of Trump's relationship. 

The host said to the senator, "you know that former President Trump has talked about being a dictator on day one. He said it's nice to have a strong man running our country. He's talked about retribution in a second term, senator."

Graham thundered:

"Orbán is not on the ballot. You've got to vote between Trump and Biden! Biden has screwed the world up every way you can: broken borders, the world's on fire. If he really is back, if he's with it, if he's energetic, get in a room with Donald Trump and debate. Take questions from people like yourself, rather than reading a teleprompter. If there's ever an election in the history of America that deserves debate between the two candidates, it's this election. Trump just told me, the campaign just told me, 'Anytime, anywhere. Let's debate."