WATCH: Lindsey Graham Explains Tactic That Will Lead to a Trump Loss in 2024

Lindsey Graham is willing to make almost any excuse for former President Donald Trump. That doesn't mean that he doesn't have qualms with some of Trump's words In fact, the South Carolina lawmaker explained what complaint could doom Republicans in 2024. 

Graham made the comments during an interview with ABC's Pierre Thomas. The senator first complained about Colorado taking Trump off the ballot, claiming that the move was politically motivated.

The host then asked, "But Senator, I have to ask you. The president, former President Trump, continues to say he won the election. He claims to be an election denier, proudly. Now, we teach our children when they lose something to shake the opponent's hand and move on. Are you concerned that the former president is not setting the proper standard going forward here, sir?"

Graham responded first by talking about Hilary Clinton. He then said:

"If President Trump puts a vision out improving security and prosperity for Americans, he will win. If he looks back, I think he will lose. So at the end of the day, the 2020 election's over for me. We need to secure the ballot in the 2024 cycle, but Donald Trump's not the first person to complain about an election."