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WATCH: Lindsey Graham Doubles Down On Putin Assassination — Wants Him “Taken Out”

WATCH: Lindsey Graham Doubles Down On Putin Assassination — Wants Him “Taken Out”

Senator Lindsey Graham is ready for Vladimir Putin to be removed from his position of power by any means, and he’s more than willing to say so openly. In fact, he appeared on Fox News to say so, again.

[Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images]

Here’s Graham, hammering his point home: he doesn’t care whether it’s by trial in international court, or by assassination, he wants someone to “take [Putin] out.”

Graham was already facing bipartisan criticism for his initial call, on Twitter, for assassins. The White House spoke out to reject and disavow the open call for an assassin, and Ted Cruz (R-TX) also responded, saying “This is an exceptionally bad idea.”

Cruz endorsed economic sanctions, boycotts of Russian goods, and providing aid to Ukraine, but, he said, “we should not be calling for the assassination of heads of state.”

There aren’t many things that Cruz and the Biden Administration agree on. In this case, according to Vanity Fair, a former diplomat also weighed in, pointing out the danger in giving Putin sound bites of an elected legislator in the United States Senate calling for his assassination.

Here’s Graham’s original tweet:

Following up over the weekend, Graham tweeted that a regime change was necessary in Russia, and called for investigation of him as a war criminal.

According to CNN, the International Criminal Court is already moving forward with the process of an official investigation, and Graham had already submitted a resolution in the Senate to support the investigation, before he posted on social media to seek an assassin.

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