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[WATCH] Lindsey Graham Admits the GOP Wants to End Medicare and Social Security

[WATCH] Lindsey Graham Admits the GOP Wants to End Medicare and Social Security

Trump vs Graham on Obama testimony

Why is anyone a Republican?

Seriously, explain it to me like I’m five, because it’s pretty clear that Republicans want a country of basically just them and enough staff to keep their houses clean, their bellies full, and their other “needs” met. You know, as long as everyone is also white.

[Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images]
How else to explain aging Republicans blatantly saying they’re taking away the government programs that allow people to enjoy their retirement after decades of working? They want everyone sick, scared, starving, and suppressed until we’re all dead. Here’s Lindsey Graham clearly enjoying killing the retirement plans of millions of Americans, some of whom might actually be registered Republicans, not that they even care about saving their own voting base, WHICH MAKES NO SENSE.

Ol’ Linds also said out loud in public how much he enjoys being friends with Donald Trump because he “scares people”. Um, what now? Lindsey is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome right in front of us, y’all.

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Abuse isn’t love, Lindsey. How sad that you have those two things conflated, and how not at all surprising that you were so easily compromised with just the whisper of a threat of something secret being made public. GOSH I WONDER WHAT YOUR SECRET IS THAT’S EATING YOU ALIVE, Lindsey. I mean, you’ve been living at the bottom of a gin bottle since that day you became Trump’s lapdog. Traitorous, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through the rest of your life, Linds. If only you’d listened to yourself.

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