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WATCH: Lincon Project Is Turning Their Trump-Targeting Techniques On Putin

WATCH: Lincon Project Is Turning Their Trump-Targeting Techniques On Putin

The Lincoln Project built a reputation for targeting Donald Trump, releasing political ads that focused on weakness, insecurity, and failure. Now they’re turning that same tactic on Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

[Photo by Alexei NikolskyTASS via Getty Images]

Trump’s critics have frequently compared him to the Russian dictator, pointing out his admiration for Putin and suggesting that Trump aspired to attain the same level of autocracy over America that Putin holds over Russia. In a new ad, the Lincoln Project tests that comparison by targeting Putin’s ego in much the same way they targeted Trump’s.

As Putin’s troops invade Ukraine to satisfy an old man’s vanity, there’s a question every Russian mother should be asking: Why should my young man die for this old one?

According to Lincoln Project co-founder and “ad guy” Rick Wilson, the PAC is trying to get the ad placed in Russian media, much the same way that they made an effort to place anti-Trump ads on Fox News and specifically during shows that Trump seemed to favor. In the meantime, Wilson is asking Twitter users to tweet the ad to the Kremlin and Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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One big difference between this and some of the Trump-targeting ads, however, is that Lincoln Project members described much of their anti-Trump work as “for an audience of one.” This new ad might be intended to infuriate Vladimir Putin, by calling him a vain old man, but it also seems to target Russians who might consider standing against Putin, and encourage the kind of anti-war protest that has already arisen in Russia.

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