WATCH: Lin Wood Threatens Hospital Over COVID-19 Protocols As Q-Anon Patient Dies From Virus

As previously reported, attorney Lin Wood, known for spreading q-anon conspiracy theories and disputing the 2020 election results, has been rallying his fans to harass a hospital over COVID-19 protocols. Now, you can see the video in which he makes his own call.

[Photo by Soumyabrata Roy/NurPhoto via Getty Images]

Wood had previously said he called the hospital and spoke to a provider who explained that Ivermectin is not a part of COVID-19 treatment protocol, and “was rude, talked over [Wood], and hung up on [Wood].”

Wood was pushing for the medication, which is given for parasites, to be prescribed to a q-anon friend, Veronica Wolski. In fact, Fox 32 reports that there was very successful rallying of harassers — the number of calls the hospital received went “well into the hundreds.”

Lin Wood has described the call in which he insisted Wolski be given Ivermectin, but there was at least one more call, in which he demanded the patient’s release.

Reuters journalist Jan Wolfe has the video of this call:

“There is an ambulance waiting for her outside. There is a medical doctor waiting for her to treat her. If you do not release her you are going to be guilty of murder! Do you understand what murder is?”

It’s not clear whether she was ever given Ivermectin, either by doctors or others, but social media posters did offer advice to her family, encouraging them to purchase the veterinary version of the medication from a feed store, and sneak it in to dose her.

Unfortunately, the virus is very deadly, and according to Newsweek, Wolski succumbed to it on Monday.

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