[WATCH] Lin Wood Spouts Qrazy QAnon Qonspiracies About Trump at Rally

One of the loudest voices still pushing The Big Lie belongs to QAnon Georgia ‘lawyer’ Lin Wood, who currently holds no license to practice law in the state. Wood is somehow trying to take over the South Carolina state GOP, and he made an appearance there Friday night at a “Win With Lin” rally in Myrtle Beach.

Wood’s campaign is backed by a group that is pushing for a “purge” of what it refers to as the “RINO establishment elite” in the Palmetto State. According to its website, MySCGOP.com is comprised of “like-minded patriotic and conservative groups from across South Carolina who want to drain the swamp in Columbia.” Wood has claimed that South Carolina’s Interstate 73 was being pushed by the state’s “Republican” politicians as a way to facilitate gambling and child sex trafficking there. Wood further claimed that backers of casinos on the coast were secretly engaged in child sex trafficking in Horry County, which he alleged is the focal point of such activity in South Carolina.

So it should come as no surprise that Wood pushed these and other conspiracies at his “Win With Lin” rally, where he endorsed every QAnon conspiracy that exists, including the one where John F. Kennedy, Jr., is allegedly still alive and will be coming out of hiding in 2024 to be Donald Trump’s running mate.

Wood is also ducking out of a lawsuit he brought on behalf of a woman who says she was defamed by MSNBC host Joy Reid, as he was deemed “unfit” to practice law in the first place.

Watch Wood’s unhinged speech from the “Win With Lin” rally, below.


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