WATCH: Lin Wood Shares Fantasy Video Of Knocking Joe Biden Out, Fighting Obama

Remember when someone edited a WWE video to give the appearance of Donald Trump beating up a person with the CNN logo for a face, and he tweeted it, from the same account he was using as an official Presidential communication tool? Now q-anon-obsessed attorney Lin Wood has shared similar clips of himself — but in his, the victims are President Joe Biden, and Trump’s Presidential predecessor, Barack Obama.

[Screenshot via Lin Wood/Telegram]

Lin Wood shared the videos on his Telegram page, from an account called “SQvageDawg” — note the ‘Q’ inserted, not at all subtly, in that username? Wood added his own commentary, describing one video merely as “Lin/Flynn vs Obama/Joe” and the other with a string of laughing emojis and the words “No Lie. This is Funny. We need to laugh.”

A pair of screenshots showing the videos on Wood’s Telegram is below, followed by copies of the videos saved to YouTube for reference.

[Screenshot via Lin Wood/Telegram]

One edited video clip shows two people, edited to substitute Joe Biden and Lin Wood’s faces, as the ‘Wood’ character offers ‘Biden’ money. The fake ‘Wood’ throws money, and when ‘Biden’ turns to scramble after it, Wood shoves him to the ground amidst laughter and cheers.

In the other, a NWO wrestling clip has been altered to use faces of Wood, Michael Flynn, Biden, and Obama. This clip doesn’t show any actual violence, just the fake ‘Wood’ posturing and bragging while ‘Obama’ and ‘Biden’ stand by.

Wood followed that up with a further post praising SQvagDawg, declaring, “What a day! Hope you enjoyed the humor! SQvageDawg is both savage and hilarious. Great attributes! Thanks for the smiles, SQVageDawg!”

[Screenshot via Lin Wood/Telegram]

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