WATCH: Lin Wood Says America Is In Last War Before Armageddon

Lin Wood, the pro-Trump attorney who still says that he believes the former president won re-election, now says that America is in its last great war before the end of mankind.

[Screenshot via The Standard SC/YouTube]

Patriot Takes collected footage from a live broadcast in which Wood talked about the three wars he says God planned for America. The first of these was the Revolutionary War, for freedom to form a new independent country. The second, the Civil War, Wood says was for unity. The third, though, is a “different kind of war,” and when it’s over, he believes that America won’t have to fight again until Armageddon.

It’s not Wood’s first time framing the current political situation, in which Donald Trump’s Big Lie has a significant percentage of the population believing that the election was stolen, as a war or battle. In a Telegram post earlier this year, he described the current “turmoil, uncertainty, and disunity” as equal to or exceeding the same before the Civil War, and suggested that Trump might actually still have a secret plan to return to power.

[Screenshot via Lin Wood/Telegram]

Wood hasn’t swayed on this position either, as you can see in the video below, released by The Standard SC Thursday night.

Describing his own political aspirations, Wood says, “We’ve got to go back, and I trust President Trump. I’ve never wavered that he’s President of the United States. I think President Trump has a plan for what’s happening here, but you also have to say, well, we don’t know what the plan is. So we’ve got to start getting our own houses in order…”

Lin Wood is currently running for the position of South Carolina GOP Chair, against Trump-endorsed incumbent Drew McKissick.

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