WATCH: Limbaugh Says Atlantic Piece a Plot to Distract From Pelosi Hair Salon Story

Overt the last few months, the GOP has unleashed a number of different attacks on Joe Biden. The party went after his son Hunter, they questioned his mental competency, they claimed that his strings were being pulled by the far-left. None of these attacks, however, hit their mark.

Mario Tama/Getty Images

Conservative media, though, thought they had a winner with a story about Nancy Pelosi not following COVID-19 guidelines to the letter while getting her hair done. The Trump story, obviously, has taken quite a bit of attention away from the Pelosi story. According the Rush Limbaugh, it has all been a coordinated plot.

The radio host said during his Friday show:

“And now there’s a story — since Trump is denying this, the rest of the drive-by media is demanding that the anonymous sources for the story in The Atlantic now come forward and identify themselves. And you know who they think the sources include? John Kelly and John Bolton. And they are — Maggie Haberman, others in the New York Times, are demanding that these anonymous sources now identify themselves, since Trump is so vociferously denying this. It is a horrible story, folks. And I don’t believe any of it for a minute.”

Limbaugh then began to theorize, “Something else, the Pelosi hair salon story was getting legs. The Pelosi hair salon story was doing damage. They had to shift focus, and Plugs [Biden] was not helping himself out there. [Biden] is wandering aimlessly in vain search of a thought, the more he goes out and speaks. They had to do something to change the subject. The Republican convention was awesome. Everything, Trump’s rally last night was one for the ages.”

Watch a clip from the show below:



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