WATCH: “Like Reek From Game Of Thrones” Noel Casler Tears Up Donald Trump’s Meeting With Putin

Noel Casler is always ready to share what he knows about Donald Trump from his time working on Celebrity Apprentice, and with a new president in office, he’s sharing a little compare-and-contrast between the two, specifically addressing the difference in meetings with Russia’s Vladimir Putin on the world stage.

Donald Trump compromised in hack by Russia
[Photo by Kremlin Press Office / Handout/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images]

Casler never minces words in tearing down Trump, who he describes as appearing with Putin “like Reek from Game of Thrones.” For those who missed the novels and subsequent HBO series, ‘Reek’ was the name given to a certain captive, torn down and abused until he shuddered and cowered in obedience, afraid to so much as say his own name in defiance of his captor.

Aside from describing Trump as a broken man cowering in fear and submission, and reminding listeners about the then-president’s subsequent efforts to cover up whatever exactly was discussed in their private meeting, Casler reiterates some of the longstanding allegations about Trump, including those of sexual abuse.

Casler has stated before his belief that, despite nondisclosure agreements Trump is infamous for forcing people in his vicinity to sign, he’ll never face a lawsuit for spilling everything he knows about Trump and his family. To sue for slander or libel would open up the risk of discovery, in which Casler could attempt to provide the public with proof that his stories are all true, and to sue for violation of a nondisclosure agreement would seem like confirmation that they are.

Casler’s stories have made it into the mainstream consciousness, even becoming memes or trending topics, and have set off Trump’s temper, but never spurred him into a defamation suit.

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