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WATCH: Legal Reporter says Cipollone’s Testimony is Potentially Dramatic and Significant

WATCH: Legal Reporter says Cipollone’s Testimony is Potentially Dramatic and Significant

A few weeks back, Cassidy Hutchinson did plenty of damage to Donald Trump by testifying about his actions around January 6th. It was thought that Pat Cipollone, who served as one of Trump’s lawyers, could help to corroborate Hutchinson’s claims.

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The committee will interview the lawyer on Friday, though they will do so behind closed doors. According to legal reporter Josh Gerstein, the testimony has the potential to be dramatic.

Gerstein explained to the Morning Joe panel, “I think they want to see if he will verify key elements of Cassidy Hutchinson’s very compelling account. Remember, she claims Pat Cipollone told her that they were going to be charged with all kinds of crimes, including fraud and obstruction of justice and so forth, if they allowed President Trump to go forward with his plan to visit the Capitol on Jan. 6, presumably after the rally that he held there, which did not happen.”

He also noted, “He won’t testify, as we understand it, about his direct contacts with the president, their exact conversations.”

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The reporter followed:

“But it sounds like he will talk about what he said and did with other people in the White House. It would be pretty significant to hear that concern from him because, remember, this is a Trump loyalist through and through. I mean, he defended Trump in the impeachment hearings, so he’s someone who clearly was in the president’s corner politically, but to hear these concerns about potential criminal charges against the White House staff will be pretty dramatic, if that is the testimony that comes forward from him.”

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