WATCH: Legal Expert Says Clarence Thomas Won't Recuse From Trump Decision Because 'He Has No Shame'

When Donald Trump is in trouble, he has several different techniques he uses to get out of it. Jack Smith, who is overseeing Trump's federal case, is aware of these techniques and is making sure he remains a couple of steps ahead of the former President. 

Knowing that Trump would attempt to get the Supreme Court to agree with his immunity defense, Smith requested that the Court make their decision right away. This has led Democrats to call on Clarence Thomas to recuse himself from the case. Thomas' wife Ginni has been connected to Trump's attempts to overturn the election. 

During a panel discussion on Morning Joe, former prosecutor Barbara McQuade said of Smith's play:

"He is trying to leapfrog the court of appeals. If this were to play out in the normal course, there could be a delay of many months, which would jeopardize the March 4 trial date. What Jack Smith is essentially saying is, 'Look, we all know this is the kind of question that's going to the Supreme Court anyway, there's no need to waste our time going to the court of appeals."

When the topic of Thomas recusing himself came up, Palm Beach Country Attorney Dave Aronberg remarked:

"Clarence Thomas has no shame. He'll stay on the court, he'll help decide these issues. But he is one of nine, and it's been shown that even the justices that Donald Trump appointed, the three justices out of nine, have ruled consistently against him on issues like his taxes, for example, document production, so I think, in the end, the Supreme Court will do the right thing. I may look like a Pollyanna, but I think they understand the moment we're in