WATCH: Legal Expert Explains Why New Trump Tapes Are So Useful To Jack Smith

During a Friday morning appearance on CNN, former Assistant U.S. Attorney Sarah Krissoff noted that new evidence against Donald Trump will strengthen Jack Smith's case.

On Thursday, the existence of tapes, where Trump pressured two Michigan Republican officials to avoid signing off on election results were made public. The tapes will now be added to the pile of evidence against the former President. They will be useful in multiple cases, but especially in the federal case against Trump. 

On CNN, Krissoff told the hosts, "This is going to be very useful evidence for the special prosecutor. This is the type of evidence juries like. They're going to love it, actually, if they get to hear it. I think this is -- having this recording to supplement any witness testimony is really a useful piece of evidence for the special prosecutor."

The legal expert was then asked if Smith would have access to the tapes in time to use in his case. Krissoff responded:

"One thing the Department of Justice has is the ability to basically get whatever they want. They have access to information in a way the rest of us don't have access to. To the extent they don't have it, I'm sure it will be in their hands very shortly."