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WATCH: Legal Expert Explains Why Jared Kushner is Remarkably Arrogant and Dumb

WATCH: Legal Expert Explains Why Jared Kushner is Remarkably Arrogant and Dumb

Kushner admits he knows nothing about election change

Jared Kushner, born into fantastic wealth, has always had an elevated opinion of himself. Kushner’s father-in-law Donald Trump certainly plays into this. Trump gave his son-in-law important White House jobs like making peace in the Middle East and repairing the criminal justice system.

WASHINGTON, DC – APRIL 02: Senior White House Advisor Jared Kushner joins members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force at the daily briefing April 2, 2020 in the briefing room at the White House in Washington, DC. The U.S. government reported an unprecedented 6.6 million jobless claims this morning as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Kushner’s testimony before the January 6th commission has become an important part of the committee’s presentation. While discussing Kushner’s refusal to take Trump’s attempts to subvert democracy seriously, Chuck Rosenberg explained why he was dumb.

The former Federal Prosecutor told Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski:

“Mr. Kushner, right at the intersection of remarkably arrogant and remarkably dumb lies his comment. I mean, when a White House counsel, principled, thoughtful White House counsel Pat Cipollone sees five-alarm fires all around him, red flags and threatens to resign, that ain’t whining, and anybody with an ounce of common sense and an ounce of respect for the office of the presidency would understand that, and so it is a remarkably dumb and arrogant comment to characterize that as whining. You ought to listen if your White House counsel tells you that you’re in trouble.”

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Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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