WATCH: Legal Expert Explains Trump Lawyer Move That Created 'Lots of Disgust'

Donald Trump's New York trial has continued to hum along as it nears completion. This was the most important last two weeks as Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels testified before the court. 

Reactions to both testimonies have been mixed, with some crediting Trump's lawyers for handling Cohen. However, they faced criticism for how they approached Daniels. On Saturday on MSNBC, former federal prosecutor Kristy Greenberg opined on how the two witnesses were handled. 

"If anything I would argue the attack on Michael Cohen should have been sharper than it was," she said. "With Stormy Daniels, it was completely ineffective."

Greenberg continued, "they were really focused on attacking her credibility about whether or not not only the sexual encounter happened but calling her essentially a liar because she was a porn star, saying of course she would have wanted to engage in this encounter."

The legal expert closed:

"All of which is really, you know, irrelevant and besides the point. It wasn't about, it isn't a sexual assault case. I feel like those attacks did not land with the jury in particular with the five women of the jury. Also the women in the public. Hearing the people exit the courtroom. There was a lot of disgust there. With Cohen, I think it is all fair game. This is somebody who has said a lot of negative things about Trump as well. All that is fair game for his cross."