Legal Expert Explains How Stormy Daniels is 'Winning'

On Thursday afternoon, Donald Trump's lawyers really went after witness Stormy Daniels. The legal team attempted to smear and same Daniels for much of the day, but were in for a surprise. The adult-film actress can more than hold her own on the witness stand. 

Daniels, who admits to having an affair with the former President, was able to show some toughness and even called out mistakes made by the Trump legal team. And according to CNN legal expert Norman Eisen, it was the actress that won the day. 

Eisen began his column, "The risk when you swing for the fences on cross-examination is that unless you make contact, you very visibly strike out in front of the jurors. From my perspective sitting just 10 feet away from the jury box, that happened repeatedly here."

The legal expert continued, "Necheles (one of Trump's lawyers) furiously attacked Daniels from the get-go. The attorney’s problem was that she was not the only one who got to speak during the examination. Her tough questions were often met with forceful responses from Daniels."

The piece closed, "Instead of the question undermining Daniels, she got the better of the exchange. It also reinforced Daniels’ Tuesday testimony that she felt a power imbalance with Trump at the time of the encounter. Instead of improving Trump’s situation, I thought the exchange made it worse."