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[WATCH] Leaks From DOJ’s Investigation Into Trump Will Keep Coming, Says Lawrence O’Donnell

[WATCH] Leaks From DOJ’s Investigation Into Trump Will Keep Coming, Says Lawrence O’Donnell

It’s clear the wheels of justice move at a glacial pace, and nothing will ever happen to Donald Trump and his cronies fast enough to satisfy anyone, but at least we’re starting to see something resembling movement thanks to the January 6th House Select Committee hearings essentially forcing the DOJ to amp up their own investigation.

We’ve already learned that after her stellar surprise televised appearance, former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson is cooperating with the Justice Department. Former acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney met with the Committee on Thursday, and they’re also said to be in communication with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as the panel seeks more former Trump Cabinet members to voluntarily appear to share what they know about the plot to keep Trump in office.

 (Photo credit should read JEWEL SAMAD/AFP via Getty Images)

As to who might be next to sit down with the Committee, there’s a nice long list of Republicans who’ve received subpoenas to appear and have yet to respond, or have signaled they have no intention of cooperating. But after seeing Steve Bannon actually suffer real consequences for refusing to comply with his Congressional subpoena, it’s entirely possible that list is about to get a whole lot shorter.

It all really comes down to what Trump’s inner circle cares about more, protecting Trump or protecting themselves. Trump would never take the fall for anyone, but expects everyone to take the fall for him. He’s done it his whole life, passing the blame around so that it never falls on him. But this time, it’s not going to work. And Lawrence O’Donnell seems to agree, devoting a segment from “The Last Word” to the investigation into Trump and how there’s so much more to come, and more info reaching the public court of opinion thanks to leaks from the investigation. This time, everyone knows what Trump is and that’s he not worth throwing their lives away. More of Trump’s inner circle is going to abandon the Trumptanic before it finally goes under for good.

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