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WATCH: Lauren Boebert’s Remorse For Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Didn’t Last Long

WATCH: Lauren Boebert’s Remorse For Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Didn’t Last Long

Lauren Boebert (R-CO) landed in hot water when she made what was apparently supposed to be a joke about her fellow Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN). The apologies that followed didn’t stick, though.

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A few short months ago, Boebert told an anecdote in which she saw Capitol security running, then spotted Omar. She joked that she decided it must be okay since Omar wasn’t wearing a backpack — implying that her colleague would be likely to carry an explosive into the Capitol. She referred to Omar and others in Congress as the “Jihad squad.”

Boebert followed this up with an apology, calling the entire thing an ‘unneccesary distraction.’ Her public apology was to “anyone in the Muslim community” who she might have offended, but she also said that she was contacting Omar directly, with the implication that this would also be an apology.

However, true atonement isn’t in a verbalized apology, but in ongoing better behavior — and this, it appears, was more than Boebert could manage.

In the clip below, she is again playing to an audience, and brings up the same bigoted insult: “Oh sweet little jihad squad.”

Two important things to note about this from Boebert:

One, she thrives on attention and has openly stated that if she’s not getting enough of it, she’ll do something controversial to get noticed.

Two, while Boebert is making jokes about Omar sneaking explosives or weaponry into a government building, she, Boebert, is the one who set off metal detectors and got into a snit with Capitol Police over it.

CPR reported on it less than a week after the attack on the Capitol last year, noting that Boebert had set off the newly-installed metal detectors, then refused to allow Capitol Police look inside her purse.

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