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[WATCH] Lauren Boebert Is So Dumb, She Doesn’t Understand That LGBTQ People Can Get Pregnant

[WATCH] Lauren Boebert Is So Dumb, She Doesn’t Understand That LGBTQ People Can Get Pregnant

We all know she paid someone to take her fourth GED for her so she could somehow run for office under still-murky circumstances (and threatens to sue anyone who makes their own suggestions, although no lawsuits have yet to materialize), but it’s genuinely painful to listen to Rep. Lauren Boebert (Q-CO via Moscow) speak in her know-it-all tone when she knows literally nothing.

In the latest example of why “#LaurenBoebertIsSoDumb” is a near-constant trend on Twitter, Squeaky–who famously bragged about giving birth in a pickup truck because we live in a hellscape Hee-Haw of a country–asked why members of the LGBTQ community are so upset about the end of Roe v Wade if they’re “not able to have a child.” Excuse me while I take some deep cleansing breaths before we plunge ahead.

Lauren Boebert proudly displays her IQ test score (Photo by Hyoung Chang/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images. Caption: Your Author)

Okay, we’re back. So if you’re old enough to be reading this, you’re probably also old enough to understand that most humans with a uterus are capable of getting pregnant, just as most humans with testicles are capable of impregnating a person with a uterus. It’s just basic science. No fertilized eggs, no babies. It’s not hard to understand. A woman who is a lesbian is absolutely capable of becoming pregnant, she just has to get a little more creative with the sperm part, is all. But that’s too much for Mrs. Registered Sex Offender to absorb because her brain has secretly been replaced by an unoccupied hamster wheel.

Aside from not comprehending basic biology, there’s also the fact that Republicans are now going after LGBTQ marriages despite the protections that have been in place since the Obama administration. Because a loving gay couple like, say, Chasten and Pete Buttigieg, the parents of newborn twins, don’t have the right to be a family while Ms. Walking Shooting Gallery has four sons, one of whom she ditched after an ATV accident and one of whom was allowed to play with a cigarette lighter near her gun arsenal. Not sure if either of them was also the pickup truck baby, I can’t keep track of all of her trash moves.

Also, fun note: Bobo never wore glasses until she was in Congress and someone decided it made her look smarter. How’s that working out for Klannie Oakley? You can be the judge along with everyone else on Twitter. But anyway, Lauren Boebert helped plot the January 6th insurrection and she belongs in prison. Also, this was probably my favorite response to Boebert’s BS.

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